Dr. Anthony Izzo, DO, FAASM

“Part of my job as a neurologist is partnering with patients and their families to work on treatment plans, with and without medication, to maximize the quality of life.”

Board-certified in neurology and sleep medicine, Dr. Izzo provides expert care to neurology patients, ranging from conditions like headaches to more complex conditions like epilepsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis.   With his expertise in sleep medicine, he treats a wide variety of sleep-related complaints, including common conditions, like insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea, and rare diseases like narcolepsy.

Treatment of neurologic conditions often requires a two-fold approach, according to Dr. Izzo. “First, I focus on the treatment of the underlying disease, which works in the long-term to improve symptoms. Then, I address symptomatic treatments to help ease the symptoms more immediately.”

He believes that working as a team with patients and caregivers requires long-term relationships.  “As patients’ needs change over the course of their disease, it’s necessary to keep an open dialogue between the patient and caregiver to continue to meet new medical challenges as they arise. “

Dr. Izzo encourages patients to make healthy choices that will benefit their well-being. “I will often guide patients toward lifestyle changes that will have a big, if not bigger, impact on their symptoms and overall health than any medication I can prescribe.”

Dr. Izzo graduated cum laude from Providence College and earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine and a residency in Neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, serving as chief resident during his final year of training. He also completed a fellowship in Sleep Medicine at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester. He belongs to several professional societies, including the American Osteopathic Association, Worcester District Medical Society, Massachusetts Medical Society, American Academy of Neurology, and American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In 2021, he received national recognition in the field of sleep medicine by being inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (FAASM).