Dr. Christy Stine, CNS Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Christy Stine, CNS Pediatric Neurology is a board certified child neurologist specializing in the care of all ages of children from birth to young adulthood. Because the conditions that affect children are different at each developmental stage she sees a wide variety of neurological concerns that both parents and patients may be experiencing. She specializes in disorders that arise during every stage of neurodevelopment including premature infants and newborns, toddler’s, school-aged children, high school aged youngsters, as well as transitioning care through the college years. She provides care for disorders such as seizures and epilepsy, congenital brain malformations and perinatal stroke, brain injury and concussions, movement disorders, as well as complicated headache management. Dr. Stine prides herself in focusing on each patient and family as individuals and delivering thoughtful patient centered and family centered care.

Christy earned both her Ph.D. in neuroscience and her medical degree at Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University then attended both pediatrics residency, neurology residency, and child neurology fellowship at University of Chicago Hospital in Chicago, IL. She then did a postdoctoral research fellowship in pediatric epilepsy at Northwestern University’s Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital before moving to Massachusetts and working at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center in the Department of Pediatrics and Neurology for the past thirteen years.

Now with a new chapter of her career ahead, Christy is excited about working at Community Neuroscience Services in a move to provide a more personalized and smaller practice care model for her patients and families. When Christy is not reading avidly about neuroscience issues she loves reading historical fiction and mysteries. (Actually, she reads just about everything she can get her hands on.) Christy is also an active participant in the mindfulness community for physicians as well as practicing meditation and mindfulness daily and in all aspects of life.

Our Philosophy

“I try to live and work with integrity and joy — a sense that I’m doing what I do excellently and getting a lot of pleasure out of it, that I am both used up and useful. When you take care of yourself and pursue your dreams, then you have more to offer others, from the people close to you to the whole wide world.”

Christy Stine, CNS Pediatric Neurology