Meet Our Team

Dr. Elizabeth DeGrush, DO

Neurology & Psychiatry,
Westborough Location

Dr. Beth DeGrush is dually trained and boarded in Neurology and Psychiatry. She specializes in caring for adults with disorders that bridge the gap between neurologic and psychiatric disease, including dementia, seizures, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder, movement disorders, functional neurological disorders, migraine and more.   She focuses on each patient with respect for their own individuality and method of healing.  She also works directly with each patient’s family and support system in order to provide them with the best care possible.

Dr. Beth DeGrush earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester in Neuroscience in 2006, completed medical school at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011, and completed her post graduate training at UMASS in the combined neuropsychiatry residency program as Chief resident in 2017.  

Dr. Beth DeGrush sees patients in the Westboro CNS office part time. In addition, Dr. DeGrush is the Program Director for Neuropsychiatry and Associate Program Director for the Psychiatry Residency Training Program at UMASS in Worcester, MA.

When she is not working, she values her time with her family and friends.  She enjoys exploring the outdoors, running, and rekindling her artistic pursuits.

Our Philosophy

“I have dedicated my professional life to learning about and caring for people with neuropsychiatric illness. During my education and training, the emphasis has been on memorization, facts, diagrams.  When you begin to care for patients, you realize that treating human beings is far more complex than any diagram.  You must treat each patient with respect for their own individuality, their own method of healing.  This is frustrating and yet gratifying- when you truly find a way to help a single human being, the reward is monumental.”

Elizabeth DeGrush, DO